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Although there are many specialists and processes behind the Bike-Safe-Tower® we will be your go-to-partner who organizes, leads, controls and takes responsibility for the whole project.

That is why Klausner Velo Parksysteme AG is your direct contact from A-Z, from the beginning to the conclusion of the project.

This ensures that you always have a contact person throughout the project and thus can directly access the whole project.

Experience and knowledge of
three companies

The Bike-Safe-Tower® is a matured hightech system which can only be realized in cooperation with specialists over the years.

Each process is adjusted and organized in such a way that it works like a reliable clockwork - just like the Bike-Safe-Tower® does in everyday use.

Klausner Velo Parksysteme AG's,
A. Bachmann AG's and Fliri Plan AG's specialists guarantee that any kind of work is done in a professional manner and will be Swiss quality work.





Bike-Safe-Tower® competence at glance.

Kompetenz Grafik Bike-Safe-Tower®





Information about the companies.

The following links will lead you to external websites with detailed information about the companies:

> Klausner Velo Parksysteme AG

> Fliri Plan AG

> A. Bachmann AG

Your direct contact & go-to-partner.

Klausner Velo Parkyssteme is your direct contact for the Bike-Safe-Tower®.

We are happy to answer all your questions about the Bike-Safe-Tower®.

















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• Development
Static calculations
Execution plans
Complete production
Access systems
Project management
Sales & services

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• Laser cutting
• Plasma cutting
• Cropping, punching
• Automatic edging
• Welding
• Rolling
• Deburring
Company information:
• Architecture
Construction management
Structural and civil engineering
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