The fully automatic multi-level
bycicle park.

The Bike-Safe-Tower® is a fully automatic multi-level parking lot for bicycles and e-bikes which offers a safe place against the weather, theft and vandalism with minimal space requirements (available as tower, in our underground version or as a combination of the two).

The bicycles are automatically stored including luggage (bags, bicycle helmets, raincoats, etc.).

Using modules the number of parking lots can be adapted individually according to the capacity planning. And you are free to design the outer facade as you wish in order to optimally adapt the Bike-Safe-Tower® to its surroundings and architecture.

The advantage at a glance:

  • 1 to 3 floors
  • 7 tower varieties: 1 to 9 carousels
  • Small area (from 20 m2)
  • Very safe and easy to use
  • Reliable operation 24/365
  • Capacities: 29 to 378 bicycles
  • Capacity adaptable to your needs
  • Individual facade design


Bike Safe Tower Eingang Perspektive










Minimal area - maximum capacity.

The Bike-Safe-Tower® is already happy with a very small ground area starting at 20 m2 and has a maximum capacity per tower for 378 bicycles.

Thanks to the tower design and the Bike-Safe-Tower's® different tower construction variations the capacity can be adjusted individually.
And the speed of the automatic parking process stays the same.

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Bike Graphic Quantity










The bicycle box: Has space for the bike and also for accessories.

The Bike-Safe-Tower® has a separate bicycle box for each bicycle: The users can store their bikes and their personal accessories - perfect!
The Bike-Safe-Tower's® bicycle box automatically stores the whole package.

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Velo Box des Bike Safe Tower










Access systems: Safe and autonomous access 24/365.

The Bike-Safe-Tower® offers the perfect solution for payment and access systems for occasional, short-term or long-term parking.

Our standard is the chipkey/card; but many other payment or access options are available, including apps on the iPhone®.

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Bike Safe Tower Zutritts- und Bezahlungssysteme










This design fulfills all your desires.

Nevermind if you prefer the standard or an individual outfit: The Bike-Safe-Tower's® architectural design will meet all your wishes. Through our know-how and the modern production facility within the Klausner-Group we can realize nearly any facade design..

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Bike Safe Tower Fassadengestaltung individuell oder Standard mit poliertem Aluminium







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