Access and payment systems for safe and reliable access

We will provide you with the best access and payment system for your concept which will allow reliable and autonomous access on 365 days for 24 hours a day.

We mainly use electronic systems by Siemens which we adjust to your needs and requirements.


For short-term, long-term or renting users: Our systems are flexible.

Our access systems to the Bike-Safe-Tower® are built in such a way that they are perfectly adjusted to the needs of the user.

Especially for public bicycle parking we have a system that covers all possible parking needs.






Access via app's.

We also offer a solution using smartphones (Android, Apple) for accessing the Bike-Safe-Tower® with real ease.

Access and payment can both be dealt with using the app.

Reservations and their payment ahead of time can be realized through the app as well.

Just ask us for all the possibilities.


Applikation Bike-Safe-Tower 





Short overview over our access and payment systems.



We offer reliable and diverse systems for accessing and paying for the Bike-Safe-Tower®.

Here you see a short overview over the systems we are offering for access and payment.

Of course we can also use your preferred system or brand and integrate it into the tower.


Access system standard:

  • Chip key /-card


Access systems options:

  • Banknote acceptor
  • Coin controller returning change
  • Cash/ card machine
  • Ticket issue
  • Receipt printer
  • App (Apple®, Android®)















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