Swiss Made

Made in Switzerland. From A-Z.

The Bike-Safe-Tower® is a reliable and mature product, produced and assembled according to the highest quality standards. The patented carousel system is only produced in Switzerland and tested under strict guidelines before it starts its reliable 365/24 operation.


Environment Leaf

Designed & manufactured in respect of the environment.

The label "Designed and manufactured with consideration for the environment" is part of the Kalusner Velo Parksysteme AG and the Klausner-Group. We use it to take responsibility for the environment. All our products that are especially sustainable and produced with the most modern production techniques have the Klausner-Group environmental label. This is the reason why we have modernized our processes so far - in order to produce environmentally friendly and to contribute to a responsible and gentle interaction with the environment.


Swiss Made Patent Europa

Patentet throughout Europe.

The Bike-Safe-Tower® is a protected and registered trademark. We have received a European patent for the carousel mechanism.



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