7 varieties of our tower carousel

The Bike-Safe-Tower® flexibly adapts to your required capacities and can take the maximum number of bicycles with minimal space requirements.

With 7 varieties of the tower with a maximum of 9 carousels per floor (with a maximum of 3 floors per tower) the Bike-Safe-Tower® offers a very flexible solution concerning capacity requirements for the available space and the necessary architectural design.

On only 20 m2 42 bicycles can be stored safely and with optimal use of space. And for 378 bicycles our Bike-Safe-Tower® only needs 206 m2!





Can be realized as tower construction, underground floor or combination of both.

Can be realized in our tower variation or in underground construction or as a combination of these two varieties. This means that eg. 2 floors can be underground and the other floors are on the ground floor or built into a tower:


Technische Zeichnung Bike Safe Tower






Overview ot technical details and tower varieties

Tabelle Varianten Bike Safe Tower®




Below you will find the different carousel varieties:

Karussel Bike Safe Tower Grafiken





10 - 40 seconds access time, independent of the capacity.

In spite of the huge capacity of up to 378 bicycles the access time for a bicycle is 10 seconds on average – and at the most about 40 seconds.

And the Bike-Safe-Tower® is programmed such that after storing a bicycle an empty box is placed in front of the gate automatically. This ensures that an empty bicycle box is available for parking without delay.





You imagine a different variation of the tower? We are curious:

Nothing is impossible. Please contact us so we can go talk about your project.

















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