Each bicycle has its very own closed bicycle box.

Safe from theft, vandalism and the weather: That is the bicycle box in our Bike-Safe-Tower®. In spite of its small size it provides room for the bicycle and also all accessories like helmet, clothing, bicycle shoes and bicycle bags.

Our well-tried Bike-Safe-Lift quickly takes the bicycle into its hanging storage position - without great effort.

Accessories like bags, helmets, etc. can also be stored in the box or hanged on the coat hook provided for that purpose.


Especially for e-bikes: Bicycle box with battery charging station.

We have given our special attention to the rise of e-bikes.

As an optional feature we offer battery charging systems working via cable or induction technology. And the necessary electricity can be provided through an optional PV system which is placed on top of the

Via our access and payment systems these extra services can automatically be charged in the parking fee.






Description of the bike box


Velo Box des Bike Safe Tower mit Fahrrad in Hänge- bzw. Parkposition 





Velo haengend Bike Lift



Velobox Bike-Safe-Tower®






Der Bike Safe Lift® – easy to use.

Hang the bike, pull the saddle back a little and - done: The gasspring mechanics will be triggered and brings the bicycle into the desired hanging storage position.










Klausner Velo Parksysteme AG | Bike-Safe-Tower® designed & developped in Switzerland | Imprint | © by Klausner Group 2014
















Clothhook for accessoires


Bike-Safe-Lift® for automatically hang-up the
bike in the park position

Bike in hang-up park position

Battery station (inductive or tethered)

Additional place for bags and backpacks