Our mission: Parking systems for bicycles that you marvel about.

Inspired by an ongoing bicycle boom we have thought about how to store bicycles in a tidy way for years.

Our motivation and endurance made it possible to develop this automatic bicycle park - the Bike-Safe-Tower®.

We are also inspired by simpler solutions like a bike stand and do develop these cheaper products further as well.

Velo Parksysteme AG and its location in Auw, Switzerland, offers all kinds of solutions from simple bicycle stands to big bicycle parking systems.

Some facts about us - Klausner Velo Parksysteme AG.

Through our cooperation with our partnercompanies within the Klausner-Group we can solve any imanigable bicycle parking problem.

Our new building and its office and production facilities enable us to find the best solution for all your needs and orders.

We recommend ourselves for:

  • Bicycle storage systems of all kinds
  • Roofs for storage systems
  • Special facilities like access systems
  • Automatic bicycle parking
  • Lockers, bicycle stations, etc
  • Development and planning





Find all information about us and the Klausner-Group here.

Visit our main company website at www.klausner-gruppe.ch and find out everything about Klausner Veloparksysteme AG and the Klausner-Group.

We are your reliable partner for innovative and modern metal constructions.




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